Square Dance Club
You want to know how much fun square dancing is? Then this is the place for you! Welcome at the Square Dance division of the Yellow Rose SDC Augsburg. Have a look around our page. Our clubnight takes place on Wednesday (except summer and christmas holidays and bank holidays – for more information see our calendar) at 8 p.m. We dance Mainstream level and if there’s a fifth Wednesday in a month, this is our Plus-night. Location: DJK Göggingen Sportzentrum Pfarrer-Bogner-Straße 22 86199 Augsburg-Göggingen Our location is equipped with a new, slightly slippery flooring. Please bring corresponding shoes and please do not use your outdoor shoes.
Chris Fleck Tel: +49 151 / 40 52 95 38 E-Mail: caller@yellow-rose-augsburg.de www.chris-fleck.de